Workshop on Ca2+ Signaling in Health and Disease

Organizers: Dr Ghanimullah (University of South Florida), Dr Ishrat Jabeen (NUST)
Host Institute: NUST, Pakistan
Date: December 8th and 9th (8am – 12pm, Pakistan Standard Time)
Location: Virtual.

Calcium signaling plays a critical role in normal cellular function and aberrant calcium signaling is involved in many diseases. The primary goal of this two-day workshop is to discuss different methods in computational biology that have provided insights into Ca2+ signaling in health and disease. The speaker list is a mix of computational biologists and experimentalists. The talks by computational biologists will focus on (1) multiscale modeling, (2) Machine Learning, (3) numerical methods and simulations, (4) Gene expression analysis, and (5) computational methods for drug discovery. The workshop also includes two talks by experimentalists with the hope to provide collaborative opportunities for all participants.