Workshop on Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics

The workshop, the second in a Biophysics Week affiliated series, aimed to build a Molecular Biophysics research community within Pakistan and its collaborations with international partners. This workshop highlighted developments in:

  • High-flux synchrotron beamlines
  • Optical physics of micro-crystallites
  • Cryogenic electron microscopy (Cryo-EM)
  • High-performance supercomputers

Virtual presentations by international speakers working in the interfacial disciplines of Structural Biology, Molecular Dynamics, and Materials Sciences showcased cutting-edge studies of biological and bio-organic materials led by the availability of synchrotrons, supercomputers, cryo-EM hubs, and international consortia. These global developments effectively integrate medium-sized, developing countries like Pakistan into the international community. The underlying core principles of Physics, Data Science, Molecular Biology and Organic Chemistry were emphasized. Expert panelists led round-table discussions involved the more than 200 participants who attended. These addressed how national and regional higher education and collaborative mechanisms could be overhauled to create the multidisciplinary Biophysics culture.


2023 program to be announced

Partner Charities


UPSIGN is a UK-based charity that aims to integrate Pakistan and the UK- based Pakistani community into the global science and innovation network Ongoing meetings between the Association’s Advisory Board and the UPSIGN leadership aim to jointly develop a platform for biomedical material research and innovative clinical care.